Fine Art Week

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Fine Art: Week Beginning 22/10/12

Part 1: Long and Bendy

First asked to create something 3D from an assortment of provided materials, I went about taping dozens of lollipop stick together into a long line. I went about this for some time, I found myself having almost an out body experience as time drifted by and I continued to work. My peers were obviously impressed with my perseverance, and I decided to call it quits when the end of my stick began poking students on the other side of the room.

I then hung the creation to the ceiling with fishing wire and attached the lower end to the perpendicular wall. I adjusted the positioning and viewed the piece from different angles, when I discovered the piece’s striking resemblance to a woman’s breast. It seemed to move and react to touch in a similar way too, much to the amusment of a table of girls opposite. I had stumbled onto this unplanned similarity by chance, and decided I would pretend that was my idea all along, as any good artist would.

Here is a photograph of the sculpture:


Part 2: Inky Constructs

We were then asked to simply ‘create art’ around the stimulus word of ‘construct’. Having already pushed the limits with the 3D task, I decided to create 2D paintings.

I went to trusty Instagram on my iPhone to scout out some recent photographs of buildings. I quickly found some I liked.



Moving Image and Photography

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Moving Image and Photography

Week beginning 15/10/2012

Part 1: Brainstorming

Given the task of creating a piece of film, animation or photography from the given word ‘move’ as a stimulus, the group brainstormed some potential ideas.

We decided to create a film that would be left purposefully ambiguous. followed the life of two people

We planned to film within a supermarket however a brief explanation by the teacher preved that option to be undoable. Seeking a new location, we decided upon the library, it is architechturally interesting, with three different levels that are viewable from each other, there was definite potential for camera shots.

The library book trolleys worked as a make-shift dolly for the camera

Check out the final video here.

Drawing Workshop

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Drawing Workshop – 10/10/12

My class had a drawing workshop on Wednesday last week. We were encouraged to use new and interesting methods to draw various objects, including twig and ink, graphite, and erasers.

We were given a selection of unusual items in which we should record. The teacher kept reminding us to look for longer at our object than at our paper, that we shouldn’t assume something is there, but rather be accurate to what is there.

I really enjoyed the experience.

Here is a selection of some of my drawings from the class.

Visual Communication Week

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Visual Communication Week 

Week Beginning 8/10/2012

I was really looking forward to this week. This was most likely going to be my chosen pathway, and now I have finished the week my enjoyment of the task has concreted those thoughts.

Part 1: Article shopping

Our task was to choose an article from a newspaper, and then to create a booklet / book that communicates the article’s content visually and typographically.

I found an article in The Guardian that was referring to a French website. The site, ‘Rue89’ had posted a story on the way waiters and waitresses attempt to boost sales in their restaurant and receive bigger tips.

I first chose a selection of words and sentences that stood out to me, and began presenting them typographically on paper. Phrases such as ‘everything is codified’ and the descriptive words ‘rude’, ‘sloppy’ and ‘slothful’ were of immediate interest. I also fell in love with part of a quote from French restaurant owner Sylvain, that read ‘waiters are here to screw the clients’.

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Fashion Week

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Fashion Week

Week beginning 01/10/12

Part 1: Creating the Future

We were given a very interesting brief in which we would have to create our own imaginative future for the world, wherein an ‘adornment’ is worn by certain people within the human population.

I decided to have the world’s atmosphere polluted by deadly gases as a result of a global radioactive meltdown. Almost half of Earth’s human population has been wiped out by the leaks of radiation, leaving many with disease and physical ailments.


Steamed up glasses shot – poor Nick got rather hot inside
Full shot with glasses
Final Edited Shot

3D Design Week

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3d Design

At the beginning of the week we were given a brief, The brief was set around a suitcase and the possibilities of what we could put inside. As the brief was to fit something functional into a suitcase it gave us a wide range or research we could do. we were asked to create a special function for a suitcase.

The design process for my final piece was fairly easy, initially we constructed a scaled model of our final piece, after this we started the full scale model.

I made an egg incubator. We were required to create a full scale prototype for our suitcase and I chose to make mine from cardboard. On reflection I may have chosen to build my piece a bit larger. some parts were now as functional as i may have hoped.

Induction Week

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Induction Week Project

Week beginning 17/09/12

Part 1: Creating Physical Silliness

Having been asked to bring in a selection of interesting items from home, we were firstly given the task of combining together the random whatnots and bitbobs into an larger and altogether sillier object.

This is what I formed from my selection of things:

Purse, book, tape player or perhaps the weapon of a amateur pyromaniac… who knows what I had created
From my excellent knowledge of exchange rates and the interests of the average consumer, after creating my item I could tell there wasn’t much money in it


Here is the final selection of my drawings: