Know Your Litterbugs: A Spotter’s Handbook

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I want to create a book all about the people who drop litter (as opposed to the litter itself). I will draw pictures of different ‘species’ of litterbug and what makes them unique. For example the difference someone who drops a cigarette butt is different to the runner who throws an energy drink bottle on the ground. I want the handbook to poke fun at litterbugs in a humorous way, so to deter people from continuing doing so. There won’t be any specific messages saying “stop dropping litter” but the tone of seeing litterbugs as ‘pests’ should be clear enough.

I’ve been researching into nature handbooks and spotter’s guides, see below. I don’t think I want to use this old vintage style but I do love how old handbooks looked.

Very retro and looks like a penguin cover




So Many Ideas

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I love coming up with ideas. I like to think about all the daily things that happen to me that could be improved in some way.

As we were being briefed on this project I wrote down keywords that inspired me.




A booklet featuring real London litter, and accompanying stories.


There would be pages where the owner could attach their own litter they’ve found.
I aslo thought of a bottle of water that could be velcro’ed onto the outside of your backpack. I used to have a backpack with a pocket on either side but now I don’t and I miss them.

What’s Important To Me?

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As a group we brainstormed what things were important to us in the field of graphic design and wrote them down on sticky note / mood boards.


The areas were: Our influences, qualities of good graphic design, and concerns about graphic design.IMG_3477

We then elaborated on them.


My influences were mainly my life experiences, and friends and family. For this project I want to look into what things in my life have changed me and what things are most important to me.

I don’t want to make things that are boring, look pretty, or have been done before. I want a wow factor, a memorable factor.


Being memorable is the goal because it means people will tell their friends. If they remember your name that’s a big plus. The packaging has to be very clear. These products will be seen by the public not by graphic design students in a classroom where I can explain anything they don’t understand.


My concerns were focused around money. I don’t ever want to become someone who works for money not enjoyment. This is an ongoing struggle and I have to constantly remind myself that I want to enjoy my life to the fullest and not focus on what funds I get out of it.

Product Design Research: PICK ME UP FESTIVAL

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I went to ‘Pick Me Up’ festival for graphic arts to help inspiration flow for my Pop-up shop object.

I have to manufacture 10 of the same object to sell at the end of term. It can be whatever I would like.

I looked at objects that caught my imagination. Many were based around simple but effective ideas. Things that had not been done before, or had been done in a new way. 3D structures such as the following were really engaging, even as photographs.

IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3484

There were loads of great printing styles that caught my attention. This way of printing could work for packaging up a variety of types of objects.

IMG_3485  IMG_3490

The interior design complimented the style of the showcases of work.

Great shop design – reminded me of the idea of physical pixels.
Watermelon candle – simple idea executed very well.
Really tactile way of binding. The big plastic coil style is better than lame smaller notebook styles.
Acrylic Coaster set

Below are some really simple objects for sale that still stood out.

Gorilla eraser – the kind of humor I would love to replicate
Something reallt beautiful about these patches. A backpack covered in these would look pretty sick.
So basic – just pencil on paper cups. Colour isn’t needed here in my opinion.

IMG_3487    IMG_3495  IMG_3494    IMG_3498   IMG_3507

Artist Research: Mustafa Soydan

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Artist Research: Mustafa Soydan

Mustafa Soydan is a skilled illustrator who creates beautiful images of women and clothing. Sometimes including items of fantasy, she employs pattern and texture through a variety of medias including photography, digital media, collage, hand rendered illustration and painting. Similar to the work of Liz Clements, her highly feminine and evocative illustrations are engaging and exciting to look at.

I plan to draw inspiration from her variety of medias being used. In the second image down she draws with pencil but edits to work back into with a floral pattern. I think this is really effective and would work when I come to editing my photographs and creating compositions. I want to use more colour in my designs than I originally expected. Her use of geometric shapes to create borders to her beautiful imagery is fresh, contemporary and almost space themed. The women at the bottom of the post are mostly black and white however small parts of the face and accessories, hair etc is washed with bright and vibrant colours which balance each other and draw the eye around the image. Her use of ink will be something I will experiment when finding the style of Rough Shutter Clothing.

duygu copy_1Mustafa-Soydan_8600_600 mrd copy mooon Libra leo Aquarius

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Brand Research: The Kooples

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Brand Research: The Kooples

Talking with one of my tutors last week has really given me new direction. He recommended specifically that I needed to find out the following details to my brand.

  • What makes my brand?
  • What are the key aspects of my brand?
  • Who are my target consumer?
  • How can I visualise my brief?

He also recommended looking at some existing brands and the way they communicate to their consumers through use of advertising. ‘The Kooples‘ was a brand he suggested, one that uses the presentation and fabrication of stories about couples in photographs and videos to promote clothing.


252547_10151121657983644_493535796_n 524527_10151101030873644_1158359873_n J_C_C_02 K_B_C_02 P_B_C_02

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Artist Research: Paul Boudens

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Paul Boudens for Yohji Yamamoto

Boudens has a really admirable skill in presenting fashion in a coherently beautiful way. His simplicity and balance through his work is second to none. I am a fan of his print methods, he describes that he wants his work to evoke a human sense and not a robotic one, thus he doesn’t like t use the computer too much. ‘Because he is not distracted by passing trends, these continue to look as fresh as the moment they were created.’

He has used an array of media to create a series of invitations to a showroom, including using stiching, screen-print, embossing, paint, foldings, pinstriping, double printing and more. The result was similar to that of Egelnick and Webb’s work; many unique and stylish pieces of design that reflect the quality of the fashion designer.

IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4302


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