Urban Outfitters Books: A Research Study

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The following are books found in Urban Outfitters, they all in some way reminded me of my own book. The alternative apparel store prides itself on the wacky and weird, and the books fully embrace this as well. I could easily see a version of my book being sold on these shelves – it’s tongue and cheek, minimal reading, and an original idea.

Many of the books invite the reader to use their imagination, fill in sections. draw pictures, learn a new skill, or simply better their perspective on life. This in some ways is what I have been striving for. I want people to want to change the way they see litter. I want us to admit that we are all the problem, that there are many different types of litterbugs, and that we can choose to help save our environment.

Titles that have humour in mind, relating to popular culture. All caps everywhere is not my cup of tea
‘One Sketch a Day’ – Make a drawing everyday – very minimlaistic, and small text, but still clear and good looking.
Comedic illustrations, check boxes and plenty of room for the reader to unload their imagination as well inspired me.
Beautiful book design. Contrasting vibrant orange really screams use me, enjoy your life, let’s have fun.

IMG_3628 IMG_3627    IMG_3631


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