Shop Design: Creating Tiny Litter

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I had a great idea of presenting the books in a fun way, using miniaturised litter. At first I thought perhaps real litter could work, however I was in the shop ‘Tiger’ in spitalfields market where I spotted a mini shopping trolley and basket. I thought creating a tiny little trash dump would really engage viewers and make them interested in the theme of my book.

Blowing up a balloon, writing on it with sharpie, then deflating creates tiny writing. These don’t look realistic enough though so I won’t include them.
Really happy with this set up. Trying to make it look realistic and pretty gross.
I might present my books within this shopping basket, however the scale is different to the other models.
Pretending as if people have attempted to stuff their rubbish in the top of the bin
I may well rest one book on top of the up[turned shopping trolley as a kind of viewing podium.
Tiny magazine made by cutting out words from existing printed media I had.



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