Final critique and final alterations

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Printing at uni was cheaper than I thought. £4 for the 32 page A6 booklet. I used 130gsm cartridge paper, It’s got a nice texture, but perhaps too much texture. I went with the same weight for cover as inside which I think does make it easier to flick through.

I am really happy with how it all feels. If I decide to bind them all myself I would need to change the direction I fold the paper – the grain was going against me for this copy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 19.45.24Above is the quote from a national ‘courier delivery’ printers called Stuprint (15 copies). HOWEVER I have been promised 25% off this price because I struck up a sponsorship deal with the company. Which would come to approx £2.50 each if I do standard print, or £2.97 if I do green print. Amazingly good price.

I have a few final amendments to make to the book before the final printing:

This text will be changed to regular style to match the front cover subtitles
I incorrectly bound this with the grain of the paper going the wrong way – which causes these creases. Also the dots are too faint.
Background colour too faint.
Background colour too faint.
Background colour too faint.
Just being pedantic but the writing on his shirt is too straight for me, I will slightly rotate it in photoshop.
The gap of colour in the gutter is a bit nasty. Might have to google a solution to this problem.
The footer is too faint. It has a texture to it which is interesting but not intentional.
The creep settings mean that theres a nasty white gap down the spine. Will look into adjusting the bleed of the illustrations to counter this.
The pains of saddlestitch. Annoyingly splits itself so easily down the middle. Paper weight could change this.
The best way to crop a booklet – when it is folded

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