Tightening Up

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I created another full scale mockup of the book – this time with all the new layout changes etc. I am really happy with how it is turning out. I think for thursday’s crit I am going to print my own copy of the book at CSM using the printers there. I have chosen 300gsm cartridge for the cover and 130gsm for the inside pages.

I have organised with ‘Stuprint’ that students from the pop up shop can get 25% off their printing. This is achieved through using them as a ‘sponsor’ (having their logo on our website when it goes live). This means I can hopefully get the 11 printed for around 4.50 GBP. This should be enough to get a healthy margin on my products.

My personal notes on the new mockup are shown below:

Testing out whether or not the form sections work
I have decided to remove the brown-ish background for the final
I learnt you can right click on a text box and select ‘convert bullets to text’ which helps make sure all the documents bullets are the same size
I want to clean up all these messy bits of the drawings
I love this idea of continuing the illustrations onto the other page. Really dynamic.

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