Know Your Litterbugs: A Spotter’s Handbook

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I want to create a book all about the people who drop litter (as opposed to the litter itself). I will draw pictures of different ‘species’ of litterbug and what makes them unique. For example the difference someone who drops a cigarette butt is different to the runner who throws an energy drink bottle on the ground. I want the handbook to poke fun at litterbugs in a humorous way, so to deter people from continuing doing so. There won’t be any specific messages saying “stop dropping litter” but the tone of seeing litterbugs as ‘pests’ should be clear enough.

I’ve been researching into nature handbooks and spotter’s guides, see below. I don’t think I want to use this old vintage style but I do love how old handbooks looked.

Very retro and looks like a penguin cover




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