What’s Important To Me?

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As a group we brainstormed what things were important to us in the field of graphic design and wrote them down on sticky note / mood boards.


The areas were: Our influences, qualities of good graphic design, and concerns about graphic design.IMG_3477

We then elaborated on them.


My influences were mainly my life experiences, and friends and family. For this project I want to look into what things in my life have changed me and what things are most important to me.

I don’t want to make things that are boring, look pretty, or have been done before. I want a wow factor, a memorable factor.


Being memorable is the goal because it means people will tell their friends. If they remember your name that’s a big plus. The packaging has to be very clear. These products will be seen by the public not by graphic design students in a classroom where I can explain anything they don’t understand.


My concerns were focused around money. I don’t ever want to become someone who works for money not enjoyment. This is an ongoing struggle and I have to constantly remind myself that I want to enjoy my life to the fullest and not focus on what funds I get out of it.


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