Product Design Research: PICK ME UP FESTIVAL

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I went to ‘Pick Me Up’ festival for graphic arts to help inspiration flow for my Pop-up shop object.

I have to manufacture 10 of the same object to sell at the end of term. It can be whatever I would like.

I looked at objects that caught my imagination. Many were based around simple but effective ideas. Things that had not been done before, or had been done in a new way. 3D structures such as the following were really engaging, even as photographs.

IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3484

There were loads of great printing styles that caught my attention. This way of printing could work for packaging up a variety of types of objects.

IMG_3485  IMG_3490

The interior design complimented the style of the showcases of work.

Great shop design – reminded me of the idea of physical pixels.
Watermelon candle – simple idea executed very well.
Really tactile way of binding. The big plastic coil style is better than lame smaller notebook styles.
Acrylic Coaster set

Below are some really simple objects for sale that still stood out.

Gorilla eraser – the kind of humor I would love to replicate
Something reallt beautiful about these patches. A backpack covered in these would look pretty sick.
So basic – just pencil on paper cups. Colour isn’t needed here in my opinion.

IMG_3487    IMG_3495  IMG_3494    IMG_3498   IMG_3507


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