Artist Research: Mustafa Soydan

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Artist Research: Mustafa Soydan

Mustafa Soydan is a skilled illustrator who creates beautiful images of women and clothing. Sometimes including items of fantasy, she employs pattern and texture through a variety of medias including photography, digital media, collage, hand rendered illustration and painting. Similar to the work of Liz Clements, her highly feminine and evocative illustrations are engaging and exciting to look at.

I plan to draw inspiration from her variety of medias being used. In the second image down she draws with pencil but edits to work back into with a floral pattern. I think this is really effective and would work when I come to editing my photographs and creating compositions. I want to use more colour in my designs than I originally expected. Her use of geometric shapes to create borders to her beautiful imagery is fresh, contemporary and almost space themed. The women at the bottom of the post are mostly black and white however small parts of the face and accessories, hair etc is washed with bright and vibrant colours which balance each other and draw the eye around the image. Her use of ink will be something I will experiment when finding the style of Rough Shutter Clothing.

duygu copy_1Mustafa-Soydan_8600_600 mrd copy mooon Libra leo Aquarius

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