Artist Research: Paul Boudens

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Paul Boudens for Yohji Yamamoto

Boudens has a really admirable skill in presenting fashion in a coherently beautiful way. His simplicity and balance through his work is second to none. I am a fan of his print methods, he describes that he wants his work to evoke a human sense and not a robotic one, thus he doesn’t like t use the computer too much. ‘Because he is not distracted by passing trends, these continue to look as fresh as the moment they were created.’

He has used an array of media to create a series of invitations to a showroom, including using stiching, screen-print, embossing, paint, foldings, pinstriping, double printing and more. The result was similar to that of Egelnick and Webb’s work; many unique and stylish pieces of design that reflect the quality of the fashion designer.

IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4302


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