Artist Research: M/M Paris

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Artist Research: M/M Paris

M/M Paris have given me some really great inspiration. Their use of colour in particular has pushed my original thoughts further and I now plan to use much more colour. They employ a wide range of interesting media and often times are pushing the boundaries of legible type and typography as part of the artistic design. They often have a very colourful aesthetic to their work however many pieces only use black and white. Their illustration of type has interested me in particular because I admire the unique-ness of type that has not come from a hard-set alphabet or font. I love when designers create off the cuff writing in unusual and imaginative ways.

The photograph of the blonde woman was of particular interest to me. It appears the image has been worked over with pencil however I am trying to work out how this result was achieved. I think it is really effective, there are apparent reflections in the hand rendering, it first appears quite random, however then you realise there are various lines of symmetry. The sweeping lines and odd method of mark making creates a spontaneity to the work which I too want to evoke in my photos.

mm_1972_120x176_final302799_10151098935550458_518813287_n386388_10150378316035458_1353174608_n527484_10151098900240458_375140490_nbalenciaga_delfine__44516_zoomCover Mathieu Boogaertsdogskristenmmink2__71842_zoommmink3__69717_thumbpointsonaline__93377_zoompunctuation_ampersand_eshop__57747_zoomsources_ressources__17749_zoomthealphabet_S__78227_zoom

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