Artist Research: Lok Jansen

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Artist Research: Lok Jansen

Lok Jansen’s photography and collage making is really stunning. I am looking for new, inventive ways to communicate clothing and fashion on a 2D surface, and the techniques Jansen uses really capture my attention. Methods such as photographing from different angles and repeating and layering these slightly different shots over one another works really well. I am thinking I want to create a series of posters that include photographs of models wearing my clothes and layered with other clothes which I shall brand as ‘Rough Shutter’ I want to


LokJansenPrada05 LokJansenPrada06 prada_ss09_1 prada_ss09_3

I tried my hand in photoshop at editing some of my photographs in Jansen’s style.

2 3 Untitled-1

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