Artist Research: David Carson

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Artist Research: David Carson

Carson pushed the boundaries of graphic design in the 1990s and with his mind set on enjoyment rather than working in a commercial environment  I want to replicate his style of thinking outside the box and working with design in a new and fresh way through my place book. My mix of type and image is loose, fluid, and cohesive, similar to the work of Carson. In his magazine raygun he exposed readers to sometimes illegible typography.

Running on from that, in my place book from the peer group assessment I got feedback saying that some of the words were hard to read. I created the type from cutting up old book pages. I did it blind, not looking at my hands whilst I cut. Using dull children’s scissors, this technique was safe, however creates some really effective typography. I didnt want to make off the shelf style easy to read lettering, but create almost child like words that are loose and reflect the style of illustration. Carson’s format of Raygun was inspiring also, I used the idea of a theme running through my book, in a way that Carson often sets type flowing from one page to another.

Carson is a member of the graphic design community to be sure, admittance was fraught with criticism and rebukes, accusations of ignoring style and demeaning content. In truth, the work featured in the 1995 edition of this monograph represents the worldview of a revolutionary staking his claim before anyone else had decided what side they were on, or had even realized that sides needed taking.

Screen201101221l DavidCarsonWork david-carson-lead-image-300412 david-carson-11 david-carson-1-010512 ANTHRO copy


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