Artist Research: Jeremy Mann

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Artist Research: Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann creates beautiful paintings of city streets. His use of colour is similar to my intentions and I hope to somewhat replicate if not his style then his use of colour. I love the pastel tones, however I am particularly interested in his use of greyscale and black and white. I think these tones reflect the street atmosphere very well an d would be best to use them in my place book.

His style is very loose and flowing. I believe he uses a palette knife. I may well experiment with layering paint onto paper and then working over the top. His style has reminded me of a technique of printing out an image then pushing it against paper covered in paint. Leave it for a while then peel off, and the paint has the image stuck to it. It creates a really vintage style print that is so much more interesting than a regular a4 print. His use of perpective is inspiring, I do not plan to do too much in the way of actual buildings unlike Mann, but I do want to incoperate suggestions of perspective and distant shapes and structures.

His people are just as loose as the rest, I think I will experiment with layering different people on contrasting backgrounds. Nightime is conveyed really well here, theroad is obviously wet and refects the lights of the cars and buildings. I plan to incorporate use of light into my work, however in a different way. Using a lightbox I have discovered the interesting way layers of paper ontiop of each other affect each other. The bottom of this page for example has that sense.





119 120 121


122 123


126 133

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