Artist Research: Fred Eerdekens

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Artist Research: Fred Eerdekens

Fred Eerdekens works with shadows to creat things that people might now see at first. His work ahs been really insightful through his style of visual communication with typography. His choice to use 3d work is shared my Craig Ward, another artist I have explored. Eerdekens however works a lot with light, and the shadows that light casts.

I am interested in the idea that people can look at something in a certain perspective, then realise an entirely new meaning when looking at it from another equally valid direction. I hope to reflect this concept in my Think prject, however through a 2d page. Simplicity is key in Eerdekens work, for example his ‘CUT OUT’ image, where a single 3d cut out of the word out has been sliced and bent in such a way that when light is projected onto the piece and it is photographed, the words ‘cut out’ are shadowed. His work seems to work on many different levels, more so that first meets the eye. His views and thoughts are made known not through audio, but through light, or rather the lack of it. It is inspiring to the the idea of communication done through a completely new media, when nowadays everything seems to have been already covered. His ‘Histoire’ bridge is a favourite. the specific way the shadow seems to draw out of focus as it travels across the wall is very effective in showing journey, or travel.

Eerdekens website writes more about the mans insight into the personality behind his work. “Entering the artistic space of Fred Eerdekens places the spectator in a semantic landscape in which what one had thought of as stable meanings are continually twisted and turned. What better way to figurize this than by letting the spectators themselves ‘twist and turn’ in trying to make sense of the objects. In spiralling around the objects, they in fact become direct figures of the play of logic that rules the objects. After the linguistic turn, and in the wake of post-structuralist thought, the topography of our mental landscapes has become increasingly intricate. The work of Fred Eerdekens attests to this fact and it provides a conceptual map of this, in many places still unknown territory.”

CutOut Life_itself (1) Passage-Histoire1 words_gone01 Neo-Deo01

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