Artist Research: Craig Ward

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Artist Research: Craig Ward

Craig Ward is well known for interestedin 3d and 2d typographic design, and he is very relevant to my ‘think’ project wherein I am creating a series of posters featuring hidden typographic messages. The London based Graphic Designer who likes to play with Words. Working predominantly in the editorial and publishing fields, He See’s himself as a typographic illustrator. He explores the world with a punny, comedic mindset, but also conveys the beauty of words very eloquently. His piece entitled ‘you blow me away’ captured my attention and is now a favourite piece of typography for me. I love the concept of trying a completely new way of using words and visually communicating their meaning. I tried to come up with a way that is somewhat less out there than Craig Ward, however in the fufutre I look forawrd to expreimenting more with 3D installation and honing my photography skills.

A recap by the phototgrapher for the images wrote a case study on how the pair created and framed the shots. “What a fun day this was… Craig Ward & I worked in collaboration for this project. The concept was his & he wanted to realise it photographically, for real, in one shot. We screen printed 20 sheets of glass, purchased the most powerful catapult we could find (a double-elastic Black Widow), and set about the destruction with a black 8 ball. I was assisted by Johnny Greenward & it was no mean feat of his to hit the right spot time after time from about 2 metres away. We used a flash speed of 1/7000th of a second to freeze the glass shards, a sound trigger to fire the flash & a time delay to make sure that the pool ball had travelled just out of shot before the exposure

good type

was made.craig 2 YouBlowMeAway-5

Title: You Blow Me Away

Client: Craig Ward

More images:

fear help wish inkface

Further Reading:


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