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Illustration and Monoprinting

Last week we we asked to bring a book to class.  We were then asked to choose words from a page and create our own personal sentence.

From a page in Malorie Blackman’s ‘Naughts and Crosses’, my sentence was this:

     The place erupted to sweep away the governor.

We were then invited to continue the story. Most were shocked that we had to use our imaginations in a literary task, however I enjoy creative writing. I continued the story as follows:

     The place erupted to sweep away the governor.  Llifted high up by hands of the men and women he was so used to working with, he sailed across the room with great speed. The place swarmed with movement and shouts of protest were drowned by barbaric chanting. The congregation spilled into the corridors and a torrent of black and navy suits flooded the floors. The mob carried him down the central staircase and across the marble foyer floor. A waste disposal truck pulled into sight as the governor was shuffled through the revloving doors and into the street. Quickly and without discussion or hesitation three men tossed his flailing body into the back of the vehicle as it rolled past. 

We then brought in some imagery and created a series of illustrations inspired by our story.

Here are a selection of the monoprints I created:


man 33










angry man


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