Artist Research: Tim McDonagh

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Artist Research: Tim McDonagh

Tim is a young artist similar to that of Liz Clements, who I have a separate blog post. His style is bold and captures a street themed style put next to a rather vivid colour palette. His illustrations feature human like people and animals often, and because of this the work can really be effective in getting a message across to the viewer. Like many of the other artist I have looked at his style is minimalistic, his use of negative space is clean and crsip. His work has been an inspiration whist I work on designs for my clothing label Rough Shutter.

Pattern and texture are big features of his work, Tim works by hand and then creates digital files which he colours and edits. The finished product is quite breathtaking and especially his lion piece, is extremely striking. I am not such a fan of his more gory work, featuing a Bambi-looking animal eating the bloody remains of another animal. I prefer the decoratigve more conservative peoeces. His logo being a tattooed man’s face, I have recently started designing tattoos for various friends so his thumbnail was appealing. Tim spent his younger years growing up in a rural part of America, surrounded by rattlesnakes and snapping turtles which in turn led to his fascination of animals. He takes a more traditional approach to illustration using brush and indian ink to draw the image and then applying limited colour palettes digitally. As an illustrator Tim also values detail, which is evident through the meticulous line work. He also loves to draw grass. I share Tim’s enjoyment of nature and animals, and in the future hope to explore this desire further.

Check out his website here


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