Artist Research: Sarah Maycock

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Artist Research: Sarah Maycock

Sarah Maycock uses a simplistic style of washes of paint alongside touches of detail. I was instantly attracted to her work because this style really is imilar to the way I love to work. With my place sketchbooks and through my illustration project I have considered this style my strong point however sometimes struggle to come out of it. Maycock is a twenty three year old illustrator who graduated from Kingston University in the summer of 2011. Having been chosen as one of twelve promising graduates of 2011 by It’s Nice That and Represent, in the last year she has worked for clients such as Imogen Heap and Sony. I think these examples are real dreams I have too, I would love to create work and especially illustrations for big brands, and be able to work from my own head.

Her style has also rekindled a love of print in my work, I have since attempted screen printing and have printed t-shirts with illustrations on them. Maycock currently lives and works near Hastings and has just had her first solo show at Poke London June 2012, which included a range of large scale work that has inspired the large posters I have created for my illustrate project. I love her use of ink and mixing media with one another.

The bear image is a favourite because she really conveys a great amount of emotion through the eyes and small features of the bears face. I have attempted to work in her style through my drawings/ paintings of various MPs and politicians for my illustration projct, from which there is a seperate blog post. I washed over minimal colour on a page then worked back into it when it had dried.

Check out her website here


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