Destroying the Frost

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Visual Communication: Week Beginning 5/11/12

Group Ice-Breaking Task: Pop-up shop

We began the week with a group ice-breaker task. There was a lot of ice to smash up in my group I felt like I lived  on the north pole. We were given the task to design a ‘pop-up shop’. That is, a shop that is relatively easy to erect and collapse (and potentially transport). We needed a specific purpose and target market to appeal to.

We wanted to focus on clothing, and with inspiration from charity-shop style shops at Reading festival wherein customers donate old clothes to receive new clothes, we came up with ‘The Pop-Up Swap Shop’. The concept was that a person can enter the shop with one outfit and leave with a new one.

Our presentation went swimmingly. We masterfully conveyed our idea and people seemed to respond well. We were aiming at consumers of similar age to everyone in the room, and they liked the concept of vintage, thrift store style that every piece of clothing is unique.

The Isometric View of our Shop

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