Fine Art Week

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Fine Art: Week Beginning 22/10/12

Part 1: Long and Bendy

First asked to create something 3D from an assortment of provided materials, I went about taping dozens of lollipop stick together into a long line. I went about this for some time, I found myself having almost an out body experience as time drifted by and I continued to work. My peers were obviously impressed with my perseverance, and I decided to call it quits when the end of my stick began poking students on the other side of the room.

I then hung the creation to the ceiling with fishing wire and attached the lower end to the perpendicular wall. I adjusted the positioning and viewed the piece from different angles, when I discovered the piece’s striking resemblance to a woman’s breast. It seemed to move and react to touch in a similar way too, much to the amusment of a table of girls opposite. I had stumbled onto this unplanned similarity by chance, and decided I would pretend that was my idea all along, as any good artist would.

Here is a photograph of the sculpture:


Part 2: Inky Constructs

We were then asked to simply ‘create art’ around the stimulus word of ‘construct’. Having already pushed the limits with the 3D task, I decided to create 2D paintings.

I went to trusty Instagram on my iPhone to scout out some recent photographs of buildings. I quickly found some I liked.



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