Visual Communication Week

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Visual Communication Week 

Week Beginning 8/10/2012

I was really looking forward to this week. This was most likely going to be my chosen pathway, and now I have finished the week my enjoyment of the task has concreted those thoughts.

Part 1: Article shopping

Our task was to choose an article from a newspaper, and then to create a booklet / book that communicates the article’s content visually and typographically.

I found an article in The Guardian that was referring to a French website. The site, ‘Rue89’ had posted a story on the way waiters and waitresses attempt to boost sales in their restaurant and receive bigger tips.

I first chose a selection of words and sentences that stood out to me, and began presenting them typographically on paper. Phrases such as ‘everything is codified’ and the descriptive words ‘rude’, ‘sloppy’ and ‘slothful’ were of immediate interest. I also fell in love with part of a quote from French restaurant owner Sylvain, that read ‘waiters are here to screw the clients’.

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